the most efficient instrument for removing ticks

Photo of the O'TOM / TICK-TWISTER® hooks : a large model for large ticks and a small one for smaller ticks Photo of a tick removed with the O'TOM / TICK-TWISTER®

Perfected by Dr. Heitz in 1995, the O'TOM / TICK TWISTER® is a specially designed instrument for removing parasite ticks from the skin of animals and humans.

- It allows the user to remove ticks, whatever their size and location.
- It does not leave the insect’s rostrum embedded in the skin.
- It does not compress the tick’s abdomen, thus minimising the risk of transmitting diseases (Lyme disease, tick-borne encephalitis, babesiosis...).
- It does not require the use of any chemical products (alcohol, ether, ...).
- It allows fast and easy removal, without pain.
- It is unbreakable, tough and can be used again and again.

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